Some people try very hard to put on muscle mass to their skeletons, but they get nowhere. Some even go backwards and lose even more weight. Some hardgainers genuinely believe that they are the hardest working people in the gym, and that may be true. But working harder than everybody else doesn’t mean that you won’t fail. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you are using a formula that doesn’t work, you will fail. It can be confusing to see someone who doesn’t work as hard as you get better results than you. Yes, some people have a genetic advantage, but some just follow a plan that works and end up getting better results than you. They don’t make the mistakes that you make.

Genetics can work against you, but don’t make it worse by working against yourself on top of that. You may be a hardgainer, and find it difficult to put on muscle. You can’t do much about your genetics, but there is plenty you can do about your style of training and the way you approach your nutrition.

Long ago, I went around and did some research only to find that I am what they call a hardgainer; naturally skinny, long frame, low body fat. Another thing that I discovered was that I was completely off when it came to how I went about my training and nutrition. The truth is, most of what people read from the commercial bodybuilding industry is not geared towards a hardgainer. The advice is good, but it doesn’t apply to everyone, especially hardgainers. A hardgainer who follows the workouts set out in these magazines will end up doing too much, burning too many calories and losing muscle instead of gaining it.

Now I will list some of the most popular mistakes that hardgainers make when it comes to exercise and nutrition:

1. Training Too Often – You will find most hardgainers training every day. It’s much more beneficial to train 2-4 times in a week than to train for 5 plus days in a week.

2. Depending on Supplements for Muscle Growth – solid food should be the foundation of your nutrition; supplements will do nothing for you by themselves. A supplement’s job is to complement your food, nothing more.

3. Having Low Intensity Workouts – if you keep your intensity below eighty percent, you can kiss muscle mass goodbye. Your muscles need to be challenged first before they can start growing.

4. Eating Too Little Foodhardgainer nutrition is, without a doubt, the most important thing to a hardgainer. It should be your number one focus. Three meals a day will not be enough. Five plus meals per day is what you need.  You need a hardgainer’s diet and meal plan that will give you enough calories. When your calorie intake is at the right level, you will grow.

5. Not Progressing Steadily – some people get obsessed with lifting heavy weights that it gets inside their heads. If you rush and lift a weight that you are not ready for, your lifting form will suffer.

6. Ignoring the Legs – Yes, impressive arms and a big chest look nice. But not when your legs look ridiculously small. Squats are what you need. You have a better chance of putting on muscle mass if you focus on all your body parts.

7. Not getting enough sleep – so many people get this wrong. Your muscles need adequate rest and recovery time. Sleep will make your job a lot easier as a hardgainer.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you put yourself in a position to maximize your results instead of working against yourself. Work hard, but also work smarter.